Hair Accessories

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Dauphine White Hair Band

Dauphine white hair band.

Hair World Wig Styling Brush

This brush is a must-have for wig wearers. It has silicone tips which prevent the brush from snagging the hair and pulling it. The brush fits easily into a handbag and can be used on both synthetic and human hair wigs.


Kryolan Dayglow Colour Spray 150ml

Dayglow Colour Spray 75ml. Can be used on the hair but it is recomended that you do not use on very blonde or receptive hair. Why not do a test on a small part of the hair. Washes out very easily.


Kryolan Dayglow Hair Gel 50ml

Dayglow Hair Gel 50ml.


Kryolan Glow in the Dark Hair Gel 50ml

Glow in the Dark Hair Gel 50ml. As it says, it glows in the dark. Will show up more on light or fair coloured hair.


Kryolan Hair Gel White 50ml

Kryolan Hair Gel, colour white.


Solida Hair Dressing Net

Solida hair net with honeycomb pattern.