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Grimas Derma Wax 60ml

Grimas Derma Wax 60ml. Easy to knead transparent and adheres well to the skin. Ideal for small and large cuts and wounds. Can be faded into the skin easily. Cleansing cream or powder can be used on top.


Grimas Plastic Modelling Tool

Grimas Modelling Spatula with sharp end and flat end for modeling, cutting and blending off Derma Wax, Soft Putty, Clay etc.

Kryolan F/X Wax 15ml

Kryolan F/X Wax. A soft wax for making cuts and wounds.


Kryolan Special Plastic Block 160g

A high quality micro-crystalline wax which is ideal for creating scars or covering very full eyebrows. Should be coated with sealor.


Kryolan Stipple Wax 25ml

Kryolan Stoppelpaste 20g. For an uneven skin .Stipple wax in propelling stick container. Adhering wax material for stipple hair to simulate an unshaven look. Also suitable to stick glitters. May be washed off with soap and water


Mehron modelling putty/wax .5 oz carded

Mehron modelling putty/wax .5 oz carded. Please click on image to enlarge it.


Mehron Modelling Putty/Wax 1 oz

Mehron Modelling Putty. Ideal for re shaping the nose or chin.You can then apply make-up over the top.


Mehron Modelling Putty/Wax with Fixative (carded)

Modelling putty/wax and a bottle of fixative A which gives you a complete set. This will enable you to create 3-dimensional effects for character makeup. This product has more flexibility than the original and allows for more intricate detail when creating characters, and it is non messy.


Mehron Modelling Wax 1oz

Mehron Modelling Wax 1oz. For alteration of features. Can be made up over the top.


Mehron Synwax 1.5oz

Mehron Synwax 1.5oz. A soft wax for making wounds and bumps. You can make-up over the top.


Mehron Synwax 8oz

A synthetic wax which is easily manipulated, perfect for eyebrow block and does not require a fixative as standard wax. Simply apply directly to the skin, blend edges with a little petrolium Jelly and apply any cream based makeup right over it. It stays flexible even after application with skin's movement. A soft, supple wax for smoothing the edges on prosthetic pieces, building up facial areas and blocking out eyebrows etc.


Snazaroo Special FX Wax - 18ml

Snazaroo Special FX Wax. Useful in making wounds and skin bumps and warts.