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Kryolan Mastix Spirit Gum - 500ml

This is a super-stick adhesive and is especially useful in cases of extreme perspiration. Because it is a sealer type of adhesive, it dries quickly. Hair goods and appliances must be positioned carefully as it is difficult to reposition them. Use Kryolan Spirit Gum P Remover to disconnect appliance from skin.


Kryolan Spirit Gum - 30ml

Kryolan Spirit Gum Mastix. Suitable for the application of moustaches and beards. Needs a remover.


Grimas Burns Make-Up 2gm

Here are some of the colours in the eyeshadow/rouge range which are suitable for burns make-up.

Available in Black, Violet, Yellow, Red, Grey, Black and White.

Powder based. Apply with brush.


Grimas Blusher/Eyeshadow 24 colour palette

A good selection Blusher and eyeshadow. A powder based product which can be applied with your finger, brush, swab. Washes off easily. Also comes in pearl shades in a seperate palette. The colours in this selection are all matt.