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Grimas 6 hole empty palette

Grimas 6 hole empty palette. Lids for 15ml - 9p.


Grimas Blusher/Eyeshadow 24 colour palette

A good selection Blusher and eyeshadow. A powder based product which can be applied with your finger, brush, swab. Washes off easily. Also comes in pearl shades in a seperate palette. The colours in this selection are all matt.

Grimas Rouge 2gm

Grimas Rouge is an easy applied product as a compressed powder base. Listed here are the colours we regard as rouge. The full list of colours available are in the Grimas Eyeshadow and Rouge listing.

Grimas Rouge Palette 12 Colours

Grimas Rouge palettes are listed below but they do a full range of palettes and these can be found under Grimas Eyeshadow and Rouge Palettes section. Remember you can always make-up your own palette with the 4, 6 and 12 hole empty paletts that are available.

Kryolan Blusher 3g

KRYOLAN Dry Rouge is a color-intensive compact rouge on a -powder base.

The fine, micronized product assures a pleasant velvety feeling on the skin. The extraordinary selection of more than 32 different colors satisfies all desires.


Kryolan Blusher and contour palette 20 cols

Dry Rouge and Contour Palette, 20 colors


Kryolan Blusher and Contour Palette 5 cols

Palettes of Dry Rouge with 5, 10, and 20 colors are most suitable for professional work. These traditional palette cases, made of thin metal, are popular among professionals because they are highly resistant to breaking, and are practical to use.


Kryolan Blusher Set 15 cols

15 chosen Dry Rouge and Contour colors in an elegant slim-line case.


Kryolan Cream Blusher

Semi-transparent blusher, embedded in a velvety cream base. The ease of application with this preparation enables the creation of a fine, naturally appearing makeup.