Raquel Welch

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Raquel Welch Action Wig

Subtle layers with precision tapered ends add a new dimension to the short classic page. The Sheer Indulgence Top allows for various parting options and a light, cool fit. Let anyone yell, 'Camera!' You're ready for 'ACTION'. Style casual or red carpet.

Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber. Head Size: Petite Average 21 1/4'.

Approx. Hair Lengths: Front 5 1/2', Crown 6 1/2', Sides 4 3/4', Back 5 1/2', Nape 2'.

Suitable Facial Shapes: Oval, Round, Diamond, Heart.

Midnight Brown (R4), Dark Chocolate (R6), Chocolate Copper (R6/30H), Dark Cinnamon (R8), Golden Walnut (R8/25), Glazed Mahogany (R9S), Chestnut (R10), Glazed Mocha (R11S), Honey Pecan (R12/26H), Honey Ginger (R14/25), Golden Wheat (R14/88H), Honey Blonde (R16), Sandy Blonde (R21T), Glazed Vanilla (R23S), Ginger Blonde (R25), Glazed Fire (R28S), Glazed Strawberry (R29S), Auburn Mist (R30/27H), Dark Auburn (R33), Granite Smoked Walnut (R38), Smoke (R56), Silver Mist (R56/60), Gradient Smoke (R119G), Glazed Cranberry (R133S), Glazed Hazelnut (R829S), Ginger Brown (R830), Buttered Walnut (R1020), Buttered Toast (R1416T), Glazed Sand (R1621S), Glazed Apricot (R2026S), Glazed Cinnamon (R3025S), Glazed Auburn (R3329S)


Raquel Welch Breeze Wig

Tousled, shorter wig. Easy and comfortable to wear.

Raquel Welch Power Wig

A new boycut introduced in 2003 from Raquel Welch. This one has a bit more lift than her very popular 'Wildfire'. Still, use mousse or wig cream to get it picked up and holding to your taste. Perfect for summer. Short and sassy. Length 1.5-3.5 in. Weight 2.1 oz. Head Size: smallish average.