Foundation Make-Up

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Grimas Foundation 35ml Tube

Fashion colours in a tube. Easily applied with a sponge. Can be used for Hi Definition work or a great daily fashion product. Comes in natural flesh colours.


Grimas Under Make-Up Base 75ml

Grimas Under Base Make-Up 75ml.


Kryolan Dermacolor Stackers

Camouflage Creams.


C = Corrective Colours.

Dermacolor stacker pot on top of pot. Ideal when only a small quantity is required. Must be used with a powder which will stop it coming off onto clothes. If applied correctly it will be waterproof.


Kryolan Ultra Cream Powder 10 grms

A natural, gentle makeup specially for TV and film applications.

The applications of Ultra Cream Powder is effortless, also by its extremely ultra-fine particle consistency. Its silky-soft, hydrophobic powder film also ensures lasting adherence to the skin. Models have discovered Ultra Cream Powder to be exceptionally friendly to their skin.

Powder particles coated through innovative techniques, as well as new colors - in conjunction with sophisticated micronization technology - have enabled the development of Ultra Cream Powder. In addition to the shades on the color chart, Ultra Cream Powder is also available in translucent.


Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation 30ml

For many skin types, Fluid Foundation has proved outstanding in providing a gentle, smooth, and uniformly applied makeup. Ultra Fluid is distinguished by slightly enhanced covering quality, without loss of its transparent appearance. Glass bottle with applicator.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the colour chart is a true representation of the colours.


Kryolan Ultra Foundation Cream 15g

Kryolan Ultra Foundation Cream is ideal for coping with the most demanding of make-up applications. Due to its excellent coverage it is perfect for use as a corrective make-up. It has a matt finish which makes it suitable for models who require a naturally attractive appearance. The product contains advanced ingredients which give good skin compatibility. It also has no mineral oil in it and this ensures that the skin is able to absorb the make-up.


Kryolan Ultra Foundation Stacker - NB4/Mixed

Kryolan Ultra Foundation Stacker NB4 consists of shades NB4, NB3, NB2, OB1, OB2, OB3, Alabaster and TV White.



Kryolan Ultra Foundation Stacker - Tahiti/Tan 5

Tahiti consists of colours  LO, OB2, NB2, NB3, OB1, Alabaster, Tahiti and TV White.



Kryolan Ultra Foundation Stacker Visage/TS

Kryolan Ultra Foundation Stacker consists of shades LO, OB2, ELO, NB2, NB, Alabaster, TV White, T5.


Kryolan Ultra Underbase 60ml

Under base is the first step in make up. If applied sparingly this translucent fluid allows the profesional application of foundation.


Leichner Kamera Klear 30ml

Leichner Kamera Klear is now known as Camera Clear. This excellent product comes in many fashion colours. Apply with a sponge or your fingers. Because of its formula this product needs to be powdered.

This product is being discontinued. Vitacolor is taking its place.

Mehron Foundation Grease Paint 1.25 oz

A lanolin enriched cream make-up formulation. This is the traditional foundation most commonly referred to as 'Greasepaint', a term derived from the use of petrolatum in the makeup.

Application: Widely used in the clown market, Mehron's Black, Red R/B Red, Light Auguste and Auguste have become staples in the make-up kits of both professional and amateur clowns for decades. Apply with sponge or brush and set with Colorset Powder. Remove with Make-up Remover or Cold Cream, followed by soap and water.