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Dauphines of Bristol is the leading supplier of top-quality makeup and wigs. We have been in the theatrical business for a generation providing theatres, operatic societies, drama groups, facepainters and the public alike, with water-based makeup, cream makeup, camouflage, brushes, glitter... You name it, we supply it. Dauphines supply Nationally and Internationally to professional and amateur theatres, theatrical/operatic societies, television, catwalk, films also fashion for everyday use.

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We are based at 7 Cleeve Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 6AD. Click here for full details.

P & P to overseas destinations is likely to be/may be incorrect.  Customers will be informed and permission given before payment is taken.

Please note wig fittings must be made by appointment.

Featured products

Kryolan Aquacolor Make-up Kit

Aquacolor Make-up Kit is an excellent individual kit containing Kryolan's Aquacolor as a foundation plus liner, blusher, eye shadow, eyebrow pencils, lip rouges, hair mascara, water soluble spirit gum, FX wax, FX blood, liquid latex, crepe hair, make-up brushes, sponges and make-up manual, all in a handy transparent zip-bag.  Kits are available in Light Caucasian, Dark Caucasian, Light Ethnic, Dark Ethnic and Olive.


Aquacolor Soft Cream Metallic Shades 50ml

Aquacolor soft cream metallic shades 50ml.


Kryolan Rigid Collodion 30ml

Ideal for TV Film and close inter-action, for example at a party, to form a clear coloured scar. It draws the skin to form the shape. Very effective.


Diamond FX 32gm Essential Colours

Diamond FX is a waterbased product that is highly pigmentated . Best washed off with soap and water.

A professional product.


Mehron Paradise Make-Up 40gm

Paradise Makeup AQ

 Standard colours 40gm pots

Paradise Makeup AQ is a colour saturated, water-soluble, semi soft, moist cake makeup. used with water and applied directly to the skin over a base of traditional powder, cake or liquid makeup using a brush or sponge.

Our unique blend of ingrediants includes Aloe and Camomile to help make paradise makeup AQ safe and gentle to the skin. Glycerine, avocado and coconut oil provide rich vibrant colour, saturated coverage. The colour will dry quickly with minimal rub off. Washes off easily. No special removers needed. Brushes and sponges will also clean easily and last longer.



Diamond FX Essential Refill 10grms

Diamond FX Essential Refill 10grms

We are out of stock of a lot of colours please check we are waiting for new supplies.


Fox 85420 Sideburns

Human hair woven on to lace to form standard male sideburns. Spirit gum adhesive and spirit gum remover is required. Taken off with care the sideburns can be used many times.