Sp. Offer Mehron Contour A Levres Lip Pencil

We only have one of these pencils in stock and we won't be stocking any more.

Manufacturer: Mehron
  • Raisin
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This water make-up works just like water paint, dries and hardly rubs off. Colours can be mixed and can be removed easily. Use cleansing lotion or baby wipes if necessary. No trace of colour will remain. Use cake make-up as a base. 39 colours.


Dauphine Toupee Tape Rolls - 5 metres

Double sided toupee tape comes in a 4.5 metre or 25 metre roll. Toupee tape has many uses:

1. To keep gentlemen's toupees on.

2. For any hairpiece that needs to be attached to a bald section.

3. For wig security in male and female wigs where there is baldness.

4. Beard security in large areas. this saves spirit gum being applied all over.

5. To keep clothes in place, e.g. cleavage or straps.


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Colours comprise Bruise 3, Bruise Purple, Yellow Ocher, Oxide Green, Bruise Beige and Lilac in a handy palm size wheel.

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Sp. Offer - Billy Bob Teeth - Deliverance

These teeth retailed originally at £12.95.