Grimas Water Make-Up Pure - 25ml

This water make-up works just like water paint, dries and hardly rubs off. Colours can be mixed and can be removed easily. Use cleansing lotion or baby wipes if necessary. No trace of colour will remain. Use cake make-up as a base. 39 colours.

Manufacturer: Grimas
  • Yellow/Ochre
  • Yellow Orange
    Yellow Orange
  • Dark Grey
    Dark Grey
  • Light Grey
    Light Grey
  • Dark Blue
    Dark Blue
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • White
  • Bright Yellow
    Bright Yellow
  • Blue
  • Blue Azure
    Blue Azure
  • Green
  • Sea Green
    Sea Green
  • Grass Green
    Grass Green
  • Moss Green
    Moss Green
  • Pastel Green
    Pastel Green
  • Bright Green
    Bright Green
  • Bright Red
    Bright Red
  • Pink
  • Bordeaux Red
    Bordeaux Red
  • Dark Red
    Dark Red
  • Bright Pink
    Bright Pink
  • Dark Pink
    Dark Pink
  • Lilac
  • 1002 Elf/Princess
    1002 Elf/Princess
  • 1004 Chinese
    1004 Chinese
  • 1007 Ageing
    1007 Ageing
  • 1014 Pirate
    1014 Pirate
  • 1015 Complexion
    1015 Complexion
  • 1027 Cowboy
    1027 Cowboy
  • 1040 Arab
    1040 Arab
  • 101 Black
    101 Black
  • Dark Brown
    Dark Brown
  • N4 Brown
    N4 Brown
  • 603 Mauve
    603 Mauve
  • Dark Orange
    Dark Orange
  • N1 Blackish Brown
    N1 Blackish Brown
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Grimas Cake Make-Up is a very matt basic make-up. It is used for cosmetic make-up (television, film and photography) as well as for large and small-scale theatre. Cake make-up is ideal for large areas of the body (e.g. for ballet, body-painting or facepainting. Cake make-up is available only in 35-grams. There is a large range of colours of cake make-up: black, white, off-white, grey and a wide range of skin shades, from light to very dark skin. the skin should be clean. You could use Grimas Cleansing Lotion. If the skin is somewhat dehydrated or sensitive, you can apply a thin layer of Grimas Under Make-Up Base once you have cleansed the skin. Do this a few minutes before applying the cake make-up to ensure that the under make-up base has been completely absorbed into the skin. Do not use any greasy creams under the cake make-up. Key to colour chart: B1 - beige 1; B2 - beige 2; B3 - beige 3; B4 - beige 4; B5 - beige 5; B6 - beige 6; D8 - for dark skin; D12 for dark skin; GO - Neutral light; G1 - Neutral women - G3 - Neutral men; G4; J3; J5; LE - Light eqyptian; DE - Dark egyptian; OA - Old age; PF - Pale flesh - N2 - Dark brown; N3 - Warm dark brown; 001 - White; 003 - Broken white; 101 - Black; 102 - Light grey; 1001 - dark brown; 1002 - Stage women; 1002 - Stage women; 1004 - Chinese; 1005 - Stage women; 1006 - Middle aged woman; 1007 - Old age; 1014 - Dark brown men; 1015 - Light brown women; 1027 - Stage men; 1033 - Stage women; 1040 - Gypsy, light brown; 1043 - Chocolate; 1075 - Brick red; 1124 - Stage colours increasing; 1125; 1126; 1521 - Corpse colour.


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A professional product.

Please note that black and white are available but only in size 28g. Please go to page 2 to find the product.