Mehron Starblend Cake Make-Up 56g

Mehron Starblend Cake Make-Up 56g

A powder-based product similar to the Max Factor. Use on face and body. Washes off with soap and water. Best applied with a sponge.

Colours on chart are as follows. First row Eurasia Ivory, Eurasia Fair, Eurasia Chinese. Second row Light Olive, Med Lt Olive, Med Olive, Mid Dark Olive, Dark Olive. Third row Alabaster, Extra Fair, Juvenile, Fair Female, Med Male. Fourth row Lt Egyptian, Old Age, Dk Egyptian, Butterfly/Geisha, Oriental. Fifth row Monster Grey, Moonlight White. Sixth row Ivory Bisque, Soft Beige, Lt Tan, Medium Tan, Bronzed Tan. Seventh row Soft Peach, Lt Beige Blush, Tan Glow, Lt Cinnamon, Ruddy Bronze. Eighth row Lt Cocoa, Sable, Ebony, Lt Ebony, Med Ebony, Ninth row Lt Buff, Neutral Buff, Lt Khaki, Amber Tan, Rich Topaz. Tenth row Contour I, Contour II, Warm Honey, True Tan. Eleventh row Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue. 12th row Lt Grey, Purple, Green, Orange, Pink.

Colours American Indian, Indian, Moonlight White and Pale Rose are not on the colour chart.

Manufacturer: Mehron
SKU: M 110
  • Light Egyptian
    Light Egyptian
  • Blue
  • Medium Male
    Medium Male
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Medium Olive
    Medium Olive
  • Dark Olive
    Dark Olive
  • Light Beige Blush
    Light Beige Blush
  • Soft Beige
    Soft Beige
  • Light Tan
    Light Tan
  • Medium Tan
    Medium Tan
  • Light Khaki
    Light Khaki
  • Alabaster
  • Extra Fair
    Extra Fair
  • Juvenile
  • Old Age
    Old Age
  • American Indian
    American Indian
  • Monster Grey
    Monster Grey
  • Moonlight White
    Moonlight White
  • Pale Rose
    Pale Rose
  • True Tan
    True Tan
  • Indian
  • White
  • Black
  • Soft Peach
    Soft Peach
  • Mid Light Olive
    Mid Light Olive
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