Grimas Tipcreme Glitter in a Gel - 8ml

Shiny polyester glitter which dries quickly and is an easily washable gel. Can be applied with the fingers or a brush. Comes in 13 colours.

Please see colour chart below. Click on left edge of image to enlarge it.

Manufacturer: Grimas
  • 81 Multi
    81 Multi
  • 72 Gold
    72 Gold
  • 03 Aurora Blue
    03 Aurora Blue
  • 71 Silver
    71 Silver
  • 52 Pink
    52 Pink
  • 51 Red
    51 Red
  • 42 Pastel Green
    42 Pastel Green
  • 41 Green
    41 Green
  • 32 Pastel Blue
    32 Pastel Blue
  • 31 Blue
    31 Blue
  • 06 Aurora Purple
    06 Aurora Purple
  • 04 Aurora Green
    04 Aurora Green
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