Grimas Cream/Creme Make-up - 2.5 refill for palette, 15ml and 60ml sizes

Grimas Creme Make-up (Pure)* is based on oils and waxes. It has good covering capabilities and is used for cosmetics, cosmetic camouflage and theatrical make-up.

Manufacturer: Grimas
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Grimas Fixing Powder 60g

Grimas Fixing Powder is a loose, transparent, water-repellent powder for various make-up purposes (beauty in particular) It is used for fixing Grimas Foundation, Creme Make-up (Pure), Camouflage Make-up (Pure) and Lipstick (kiss-proof). Fixing Powder is availabkle in 2g, 60g and 150g pots.


Best applied with a powder brush or puff. Leave for a few minutes and then brush off excess.