Snazaroo Prof. Face Painter's Kit (1500+ faces)

Kit especially for would-be serious face painter working in theme parks, holiday centres or family restaurants.

Contains: 10 x 30ml black, bright red, sky blue, light grey, grass green, bright pink, turquoise, light brown, purple, complexion pink, 2 x 18ml sparkle salmon pink, and sparkle turquoise, 3 x 75ml white, bright yellow, orange, and one each of 10 pack high density sponges, medium round brush (red), medium flat brush (yellow), fine round brush (black), fine flat brush (blue), glitter tube (Set A) Five Minute Faces book and a face painting kit box. Please note; Picture of face paint carry case is just an example. colours and styles may vary at any time.

Manufacturer: Snazaroo