Revlon Aries wig

A feminine looking wig which frames the face nicely. The C3 construction makes each wig feel like it's custom made.
Manufacturer: Revlon
  • Midnight (IR)
    Midnight (IR)
  • Espresso (2-4R)
    Espresso (2-4R)
  • Coffee Bean (4-6R)
    Coffee Bean (4-6R)
  • Chestnut (8R)
    Chestnut (8R)
  • Russet (30R)
    Russet (30R)
  • Golden Glaze (263R)
    Golden Glaze (263R)
  • Champagne Blush (14-263TR)
    Champagne Blush (14-263TR)
  • Caramel Kiss (27-234TR)
    Caramel Kiss (27-234TR)
  • Honey Glaze (123-637TR)
    Honey Glaze (123-637TR)
  • Toasted Shine (12-24TR)
    Toasted Shine (12-24TR)
  • Autumn glow (10-130TR)
    Autumn glow (10-130TR)
  • Java Blast (8-16TR)
    Java Blast (8-16TR)
  • Sepia (829H)
    Sepia (829H)
  • Ginger Snap (30-26C)
    Ginger Snap (30-26C)
  • Vanilla Swirl (234-23C)
    Vanilla Swirl (234-23C)
  • Sugar Cookie (223-23C)
    Sugar Cookie (223-23C)
  • Fudge Ripple (9-14C)
    Fudge Ripple (9-14C)
  • Cherry Cola (33-32C)
    Cherry Cola (33-32C)
  • Rum Raisin (637T)
    Rum Raisin (637T)
  • Buttered Toast (24-18T)
    Buttered Toast (24-18T)
  • Hot Chilli (273T)
    Hot Chilli (273T)
  • Cocoa Mist (18-26R)
    Cocoa Mist (18-26R)
  • Snowy Mink (18-22R)
    Snowy Mink (18-22R)
  • Ginger Mist (14-26R)
    Ginger Mist (14-26R)
  • Bordeaux (33R)
    Bordeaux (33R)
  • Sunlit Beige (223R)
    Sunlit Beige (223R)
  • Pecan (12R)
    Pecan (12R)
  • Walnut (10R)
    Walnut (10R)