Paradise Make-up AQ - Foam Sponge

This sponge washes easily with soap and water.

Manufacturer: Paradise
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Wolfe Brothers hydrocolor make-up gives excellent coverage. Can be applied with a damp sponge or wet brush. Will wash off with soap and water.


Kryolan Aquacolor W'based Non Flesh Cols 30ml

Wet make-up suitable for stage and film work. Grease free compact make-up with good covering characteristics, containing valuble skin creams. Easily applied with a damp sponge and removed with soap and water. When dry should be carefully buffed with the hand or soft cloth. It resists being rubbed off. Available in approx 250 shades including metallic.


Sp. Offer Wolfe Bros Essential Colours 45g

This product normally retails at 8.99 but today it's on special offer at 4.65.

NOTE: As you know we always give students 10% on all you purchase, but as these are SPECIALS products this will not apply to these. These prices apply only today. Look on our web site for all the make-up we do - www.dauphines.co.uk


Amerikan Body Art - applicator bottle

Plastic applicator bottle with top and plastic tip.PLease note it is all plastic it does not include the metal tip.