Mehron Celebre 25gm cream make-up

Preferred by makeup artists coast-to- coast, Celebre Professional is the next generation in foundations. Our high-tech, satin smooth, micro-processed proprietary formula contains no mineral oil, no bees wax, no isopropyl myristate and is fragrance free. Performers love its silky application, long lasting coverage and natural feel. Because of it's flawless finish, Celebre is often worn as street makeup. Available in thirty-five pigment rich colors; includes two complimentary applicators.

Manufacturer: Mehron
SKU: M 201
  • Light Egyptian
    Light Egyptian
  • Dark Egyptian
    Dark Egyptian
  • Ebony
  • White
  • Ivory Bisque
    Ivory Bisque
  • Light Cinnamon
    Light Cinnamon
  • Bronzed Tan
    Bronzed Tan
  • Contour I
    Contour I
  • Light Ebony
    Light Ebony
  • Medium Ebony
    Medium Ebony
  • Medium Olive
    Medium Olive
  • Light Golden Olive
    Light Golden Olive
  • Mid Light Golden Olive
    Mid Light Golden Olive
  • Light Olive
    Light Olive
  • Ruddy Bronze
    Ruddy Bronze
  • Dark Olive
    Dark Olive