Kryolan Ultra Foundation Palette - 8 colours

Comes in an attractive slimline case with mirrored lid.


Ultra-foundation is a cream foundation and is effective as a corrective make-up. Transparent application of ultra-foundation is also suitable for photographic work. It has a matt finish.


There is a choice of light and dark shades.

The dark palette contains colours 101, BS1, OB3, GT2, DO, GT1, TAN5 and 665-0.

The light palette contains colours LO, FS38, Olive, OB4, Alabaster, G177, OB2 and NB4.

Please note that there are no application brushes in this product. The picture is not an exact reproduction of the product, just a likeness.

Manufacturer: Kryolan
SKU: 09018/01
  • Light
  • Dark