Kryolan Liquid Brightness Body Makeup 100ml

Liquid Brightness Body Makeup. A sheer body wash in pearlised colours excellent for fantasy effects on or off stage.

Manufacturer: Kryolan
SKU: 1181
  • Pearl
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Duochrome Yellow/Red YR
    Duochrome Yellow/Red YR
  • Duochrome Pink/Violet PV
    Duochrome Pink/Violet PV
  • Duochrome Green/Yellow GY
    Duochrome Green/Yellow GY
  • Duochrome Red/Yellow RY
    Duochrome Red/Yellow RY
  • Duochrome Gold Blue GB/B
    Duochrome Gold Blue GB/B
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Kryolan Glatzan Bald Cap (Undyed)

Excellent ready-made Glatzan caps. Kryolan Bald Cap is made of Glatzan and is semi transparent, a standard fitting.


When applied you may need to re shape. Do this with scissors and Acetone.


When fitted you will need to glue down the edges with a spirit gum. If for close up work, use a matt spirit gum. If not, a general spirit gum can be used. Do not use a latex product as this will cause a build up. Make-up can be applied. You would need to use a special grease product with a powder. If sprayed with a fixier spray, water based products can be used. If when you go to use a bald cap it has creases where it has been packed these can be removed with a hand hairdryer or by putting in hot water.


Mehron Liquid Make-Up 4.5 oz

LIQUID Make-Up Thick and rich water based make-up. When diluted with either barrier spray, mixing liquid or distilled water give the product a nice fluid consistency which works well in most models of air brush equipment.

Please click on colour chart to enlarge it.

29ml not available in flesh colours at present.

Moonlight White has a hint of blue in it.


Grimas Cake Make-up 35gm

Grimas Cake Make-Up is a very matt basic make-up. It is used for cosmetic make-up (television, film and photography) as well as for large and small-scale theatre. Cake make-up is ideal for large areas of the body (e.g. for ballet, body-painting or facepainting. Cake make-up is available only in 35-grams. There is a large range of colours of cake make-up: black, white, off-white, grey and a wide range of skin shades, from light to very dark skin. the skin should be clean. You could use Grimas Cleansing Lotion. If the skin is somewhat dehydrated or sensitive, you can apply a thin layer of Grimas Under Make-Up Base once you have cleansed the skin. Do this a few minutes before applying the cake make-up to ensure that the under make-up base has been completely absorbed into the skin. Do not use any greasy creams under the cake make-up. Key to colour chart: B1 - beige 1; B2 - beige 2; B3 - beige 3; B4 - beige 4; B5 - beige 5; B6 - beige 6; D8 - for dark skin; D12 for dark skin; GO - Neutral light; G1 - Neutral women - G3 - Neutral men; G4; J3; J5; LE - Light eqyptian; DE - Dark egyptian; OA - Old age; PF - Pale flesh - N2 - Dark brown; N3 - Warm dark brown; 001 - White; 003 - Broken white; 101 - Black; 102 - Light grey; 1001 - dark brown; 1002 - Stage women; 1002 - Stage women; 1004 - Chinese; 1005 - Stage women; 1006 - Middle aged woman; 1007 - Old age; 1014 - Dark brown men; 1015 - Light brown women; 1027 - Stage men; 1033 - Stage women; 1040 - Gypsy, light brown; 1043 - Chocolate; 1075 - Brick red; 1124 - Stage colours increasing; 1125; 1126; 1521 - Corpse colour.