Kryolan Glatzan Bald Cap (Dyed)

Kryolan Bald Cap is made of Glatzan and is semi transparent, a standard fitting.


When applied you may need to re shape. Do this with scissors and Acetone.


When fitted you will need to glue down the edges with a spirit gum. If for close up work use a matt spirit gum. If not, a general spirit gum can be used. Do not use a latex product as this will cause a build up. Make-up can be applied. You would need to use a special grease product with a powder. If sprayed with a fixier spray, water based products can be used. If when you go to use a bald cap it has creases where it has been packed, these can be removed with a hand hairdryer or by putting in hot water.

Manufacturer: Kryolan
SKU: 2505
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