Grimas Spirit Gum Remover 100ml

Use carefully, dabbing with a wad of cotton wool. Can be used to clean brushes. Wash out with soap and water.

Manufacturer: Grimas
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Crepe Hair - 1 metre

Crepe hair is used for making beards and moustaches and if applied correctly can be used for every day use as well as on stage and television. It can also be used to give the impression of eyebrows. Useful if having Chemotherapy.  Comes in many natural shades and can be mixed. Applied with Spirit Gum and removed with Spirit Gum Remover.


Grimas Spirit Gum Extra 10ml

Grimas Spirit Gum Extra 10ml


Hairaisers M/VS Viva Sapata Moustache

Made from human hair on fine lace. Spirit gum adhesive and spirit gum remover is required. Taken off with care the moustache can be used many times


Grimas - clown nose large (9)

Ready made Latex pieces. Various Noses, Animal Snouts, Pointed Ears etc. Glue on with MastixExtra. Blend off edges with Latex milk or Eyelash adhesive. Colour-up with diluted Camouflage Make-up and powder well. Complete the colouration with Eye shadow / Rouge colors. Remove: Carefully remove the Latex piece. Use Mastix Remover to clean off the glue from skin and Latex piece. Use cleansing Creme for removal of make-up on skin. The latex piece can be cleaned with a mild soap and water.