Fullers Earth - 600g

This powder is used when mixed with water can be used to form texture. If mixed with a mixing liquid it will adhere better.

Manufacturer: Dauphine
SKU: 85432-00
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Wet make-up suitable for stage and film work. Grease free compact make-up with good covering characteristics, containing valuble skin creams. Easily applied with a damp sponge and removed with soap and water. When dry should be carefully buffed with the hand or soft cloth. It resists being rubbed off. Available in approx 250 shades including metallic.


Kryolan 100% natural sponges

Natural sponge from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. The especially fine-pore, sponge quality of this product is outstandingly suited for application of all kinds of makeup. This natural sponge becomes soft after being moistened, and gives a pleasant feeling on skin contact. Individually packed in cellophane bags.


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