Dermacolor Cleansing Gel 75ml

Enriched with plant extract to help remove make-up.  Any oily residue can be washed off with water.

Manufacturer: Dermacolor
SKU: 75602-00
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Dermacolor Skin Plastic 40gm

Dermacolor skin plastic gives a smooth surface to problematic, uneven and scarred skin, available in 3 colors: H 1 light, H 2 medium, H 3 dark.


Dermacolor Collagen Cream 50ml

Contains native Collagen and Elastin, with moisturizer control. PH - Factor 5.5


Dermacolor Body Cover 50ml

Body Cover Dermacolor Cream is a cream product that can be used on larger parts of the body giving the same cover as the cream but is a looser cream. Must be podered with Dermacolor powder to stop the product coming off onto clothes. Once powdered correctly this product is waterproof and will not come of untill a removing cream is applied. See Dermacolour Camouflague 4ml for more information.


Dermacolor Camouflage Cream 30g

Dermacolor Camouflage System is the Paramedical Line developed by Kryolan. The Camouflage System is designed to correct skin disfigurements or discolorations, whether they are of accidental, dermatological, surgical or congenital origin. Dermacolor Camouflage System is especially effective in minimising post surgical conditions, either aesthetic or medical. Its effectiveness and quality are proven in intensive and long-term use under clinical supervision.