American Face Painter - May 2010

This issue features step-by-step circus designs for face painters. Other designs include elephant headdress and upstanding elephant, sassy sea lion, circus seal, ringmaster, and many others.
Manufacturer: American Face Painter
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Funky Foxes Meets Friends by Rene Reiche

This book contains 54 step-by-step instructions.  The images include a bronze coloured bunny, kissing fish, gruesome eye scars and a horned dragon, to name but a few.  Some are full face and some, side face.  They vary in difficulty but the instructions are very clear.

The instructions and artist information are in both English and German.  The book uses symbols to indicate using a sponge, brush, powder, glitter and different colours, which makes it easier to understand.


Endless Facepainting by Saskia de Wit

The book contains 17 different step-by-step guides which include every design needed to get you started. There are butterflies, princesses, tigers, a pirate, monster, witch, dog, clown and Spiderman.

The book contains 46 pages and is wire bound so that it opens flat, making it easy to use.


Illusion Step-By-Step Guide to Face Painting Bk 2

This step-by-step guide for face painters of all standards features 28 completely new designs created by 25 artists from around the world, including Nick and Brian Wolfe, Marcela Murad, Pashur, Yolanda Bartram and many more.

With easy to follow staged pictures, clear photography and simple instructions this book offers something for everyone - from the novice to the expert face painter.

Its practical style makes this book the ideal companion on a professional job but also invaluable for anyone wanting to paint for the first time.

Nick & Brian's Faces of Fantasy

Nicky and Brian Wolfe have just produced this new book. It contains quick and easy faces. Faces include Dragon, Mermaiden, Unicorn, Crowned Royal, etc.