Leichner Grease Liner 10g (Form G)

Theatrical grease liner.

Manufacturer: Leichner
SKU: 84780-00
  • Carmine Vermillion
    Carmine Vermillion
  • White
  • Black
  • Carmine 1
    Carmine 1
  • Carmine 3
    Carmine 3
  • Crimson Lake
    Crimson Lake
  • Light Blue
    Light Blue
  • Medium Blue
    Medium Blue
  • Light Green
    Light Green
  • Medium Green
    Medium Green
  • Light Mauve
    Light Mauve
  • Dark Mauve
    Dark Mauve
  • Medium Mauve
    Medium Mauve
  • Dark Grey
    Dark Grey
  • Light Grey
    Light Grey
  • Dark Green
    Dark Green
  • Dark Blue
    Dark Blue
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